CEO Network


The CEO Network is an elite group which receives exclusive briefings from high-level legal, cyber and business continuity advice. CEO Network is team of experts providing cyber security advice to C-suite executives to help protect against today’s security threats.


These days, having a C-role is more complicated than ever. That’s why the Safe America Foundation formed the CEO Network.

Originally envisioned as a mutual aid network by DSM America executive Hugh Welsh, our role is to help advise you – and build an intimate circle of trusted members who can advise each other on issues large and small.

Join An Elite Group Protecting America: The CEO Network. Become a member and receive recognition and benefits throughout the year.

The CEO Network Role:  (1) Providing Confidential Advice, (2) Mutual Aid Network; (3) Learning the Ropes of C-Leadership

With today’s growing cyber concerns – and the complex risks to governance, intellectual property and profitability, we’re focused on some of the cyber security issues you face.

Working with other notable leaders, we’ll provide round-table discussions, podcasts and other limited-availability dialogue that can help you assess your own situation and make appropriate short and long term plans. Have an issue you want to discuss confidentially? Let our C-staff know.

Len Pagano and his team will help you find the right source to meet your need… and at the end of the day, press forward in delivering the results you need.

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