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A meeting at the United Nations (UN) kicked off plans for the WorldSafe agenda for 2017. This trip was important for our Foundation for two major reasons: (1) to better understand our current disaster readiness as a country; and (2) how the UN and other safety readiness organizations like ours are working together to speed the recovery process for major catastrophic events.

Additional meetings on Capitol Hill and at Dilworth Paxson LLP in Philadelphia engaged lawmakers and CEOs in the process.

The fall meetings – all components of the ‘BE Safe America’ program sponsored nationally by UPS – resulted in further plans to focus on cyber safety education, along with fighting human trafficking and dealing with growing worries over active shooters and terrorist incidents.

“Safety has grown to be the #1 concern of many CEOs – and how and what they can do to educate themselves is a rising priority for many Fortune 500 firms,” noted Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “Through our meetings this fall, we’ve begun to look at further briefings to engage C-level leaders in key cities such as Chicago, London, Atlanta and New York – knowing that providing advice and actual cyber exercises is a valuable tool we can offer.”

Understanding CEOs Role in Cyber Security – October 2016

Our CEO Network workshop on ‘CEOs Role in Cyber Security,’ happened October 26, 2016. The event was held at UL’s Global Headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois. The session included a review of UL’s own internal plans for protecting its intellectual property and how it manages the process of conducting confidential reviews of new products.

Going Abroad: London Meetings

At a meeting in London in November, Board leaders Skip Riddle, Tom Serio and Harold Wolpert discussed a plan to begin the process of mobilizing Safe America and its WorldSafe initiative. CEO Network Chairman Steve Blue (Miller Ingenuity) has offered his help, with plans to begin discussing a timeline for action in early January.

“Many people realize that what’s coming is going to be more challenges – not less – as we grow the Internet of Things,” Pagano noted. “We’re enlisting major academic institutions including Rutgers, Columbia and Notre Dame to help us provide the resources that CEOs and other global leaders need to fight cyber attacks.”

Several WorldSafe task forces have begun to form… With more working groups planned. To volunteer, contact Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937 or email Len Pagano at

Over 60 leaders from North American and global organizations attended the WorldSafe Summit at the UN this past August. Discussions focused on mobilizing corporate, medical and NGO leadership and addressing growing concerns such as human trafficking.

Steve Blue, who chairs the CEO Network, is looking to grow the C-level organization in 2017. This fall, he began by discussing at Dilworth Paxson LLP steps to build a Philadelphia – New Jersey hub.


CEO Network Chair Steve Blue receives a WorldSafe Award for his Zoneguard Product.

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